The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has amended aspects of its policy on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme, below are the amendments: -

(Source HPCSA website)

  • The process of randomly selecting practitioners from the HPCSA’s database to verify compliance has been discontinued. All registered practitioners a now be expected to comply with the set CPD requirements on a continuous basis.
  • The HPCSA has approved that authorised facilitators and providers of CPD programmes to submit the attendance registers directly to the HPCSA in order to update the practitioner’s CPD profile. This has been effectively commenced for some professional boards, as implemented on 1 February 2022, while the rest of the CPD providers and facilitators agreed to commence their submission effectively on 1 March 2022.
  • The issuance of Continuous Education Unit (CEUs) certificates is no longer mandatory requirements, as the information will be provided directly to the HPCSA by the approved facilitators and providers of the CPD activities.
  • The online portal will remain active in order to cater for the exceptions, that is the activities not accredited by local providers, but recognised for CPD purposes, for example, when submitting certificate from international provider.
  • Registered health practitioners will receive a notification, at their nominated contact, of any CPD profile updates done. Please contact the HPCSA should such notification not be received within a week of attending the CPD activity or if the CPD status is not updated according to activities attended.

    The full document of this information can be downloaded using the button below.


1. How can I access my previous CPD Certificates?

Surigcom members can access all their previously stored CPD certificates from and use the Find my Certificate function.

2. Do I still need a physical copy of my certificates?

No, but it is recommended in case proof of attendance is required with the event organizer / facilitator.

3. When will my points be loaded?

HPCSA recommends to Event Organizers and CPD Facilitators that all CPD records should be sent and uploaded to the HPCSA immediately after an event. Doctors should query with the HPCSA a week after the event / CPD activity was done if the points have not been allocated.

4. How will I know that my CPD activity has been updated on my profile?

The HPCSA portal will notify the doctor when the profile is updated. Doctors can also login to the HPCSA portal to view their CPD status.

5. How do CPD (CEU) Points work?

CPD (CEU) points are valid for 2 years after the day of completion of the CPD activity. It is important for Doctors to note this.

6. What is a CPD Compliance Letter?

A CPD Compliance Letter verifies that the doctor is compliant for a given CPD period (2 years). Some employers and hospitals require their doctors to submit regular CPD Compliance Letters for a specific period.

7. Where can I find my Compliance Letter?

Doctors can use the HPCSA online portal to access their compliance letter. (More info)

8. As a GPMG member, who should I contact should their be a dispute on my HPCSA portal profile or with a CPD Facilitator or if I need any other assistance with my CPD compliance?

Members can email for assistance. Please ensure that as many details of the dispute is provided in the email, eg Event Name, Dates, Booking Confirmations, Event Organizers Details and/or Website of the Event and any other details you can provide.