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Health Management & Networking Services (Pty) Ltd (“HealthMan”)

  1. HealthMan Corporate Overview

HealthMan is a privately owned healthcare consultancy specialising in the management and administration of specialist and other provider healthcare networks.  Our concentrated focus on promoting the professional and commercial interests of both specialist networks and other allied healthcare practitioners, coupled with our extensive industry experience, quality service and industry contacts, make us the preferred choice in healthcare consulting in South Africa. HealthMan consults to over 5000 practitioners in South Africa and Namibia.  We have offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

HealthMan commenced business in 1996 and since inception has focused exclusively on consulting to private practice.  Our areas of expertise include network administration, legal support, healthcare research, financial modelling as well as the publication of various medical scheme rates of reimbursement and our own wholly independently determined and funded costing assessment.  HealthMan consultants play pivotal communication, representation and negotiation roles in our relations with key healthcare industry stakeholders: Healthcare Practitioner Networks, Funders (i.e. Medical Schemes, Administrators and Managed Healthcare Organisations), Professional Associations, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies and Suppliers of Consumables and Equipment.

HealthMan has been consulting to Private Practice for the past 20 years. In addition to consulting in the Healthcare industry HealthMan performs outsourced administration services to a variety of clients and also has extensive forensic experience and management of Alternative Reimbursement Methods, (ARMs), both Global and Capitation Fees contracts.  Set out below is a corporate overview detailing the expertise and client base for your further information.

  1. HealthMan Management Team
  • Healthcare Economics & Governance

Casper Venter (Chartered Accountant) Managing Director

  • Healthcare Legal & Compliance

Ernst Ackermann (Attorney) Director

  • Network Support & Operations

Mardi Roos (BA Hons, Psychology) Director
Email: roos@healthman.co.za 

  • Finance & Coding Impact Studies

Ria Botha (Accountant)

  • Finance, Modelling & Forensic Support

Peet Kotzé (Accountant)

  • Senior Healthcare Consultant

Dr Johann Serfontein (PhD Physiotherapist & MBA)

  • Finance, Business Rescue & Governance     

Andre Botha (Chartered Accountant)

  • Finance & Administration

Isabel Morgan-Hill

  • Communications & Event Management

Joey Hanekom

  • Employee Benefits & Forensic Support

Lodi Jordaan (Accountant - Investments)

  • Clinical Advisory Panel  

Various Specialist & other Panels appointed by Groups

  • Administration Support & Call Centre      

40 staff members

  • Membership, CPD & Communications

22 staff members (E2 Solutions)

  1. Healthcare Expertise And Related Experience          
  • Negotiations with Medical Schemes, Administrators and Managed Care Organisations
  • Healthcare Practitioner Network Administration
  • Practice Management support and liaison with Administrators and Funders
  • Forensic Reviews – medical scheme interventions, fraud, loss of income and contractual disputes
  • Legal Support – Healthcare Regulatory reforms and general legal issues.
  • Managed Healthcare Negotiations – Contracts and Alternative Reimbursement Models
  • Development and management of risk based contracts – Capitation and Global Fees contracts
  • Research, Financial Modelling and Data Analysis in Healthcare
  • Development of coding schedules based on scientific research and international best practice
  • Publication of various medical scheme rates of reimbursement
  • Publication of our own wholly independently determined and funded costing assessment
  • Interaction with Council for Medical Schemes, Competition Commission and Department of Health
  • Interaction with Pharmaceutical Industry – new products, protocols, sponsorships and CPD events
  • Practice cost studies and evaluation of results
  • Claims data analysis and discipline impact studies
  • Data base administration of members
  • Member communications and newsletters
  • Research and comments on Regulatory Reforms (e.g. NHI, Competition Commission, Regulation 8, Medical Schemes Act)
  • Representation on the Health Policy Unit of the Free Market Foundation
  • Participation in various health care forums
  • Development and presentation of Practice Management courses
  1. General Value Add Services to Members of our Clients
  • Helpdesk to assist with general medical scheme queries, non-payment problems, coding queries and problems in dealing with Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs)
  • Assist practitioners in dealing with Forensic Investigations by Medical Schemes at no additional cost to the practice. Our team has extensive experience dating back to the late 1980s and have experience of High-Court evidence and report writing.
  • Annual Salary Review of staff employed by practices
  • Practice Benchmarking, costs, revenue and coding utilisation
  • Buying, selling and valuation of practices
  • Assist in setting up of practice management reports
  • Free online SMS service for patient communications through the HealthMan and Society websites
  • HealthMan has an agreement with ABSA bank thus entitling you to a better rate on credit card transactions. The Merchant rate is 2.1 % on credit cards, 0.86% on debit cards and monthly rental @ R250 (VAT Excl.)
  • PSG Northcliff will review and advise on employee benefits, investment structures and wealth preservation.
  • Assist members in the placement of Malpractice Insurance for practitioners. We have been involved in this activity for the past 10 years and also assist with legal claims in this regard
  • Access to HealthMan preferred suppliers of Practice Management Software and claims switching
  1. Communication to Members of our Clients

HealthMan communicates on a regular basis with the members of the various Societies and Management Groups. 

  • Communication is done via the E2 portal on email, sms and fax on an extensive basis per month.
  • Members will receive the HealthView updating them on industry news and the Private Practice Review updating them on news pertaining to their practice, i.e. codes, legislation, tariffs, etc.
  • Attending and presenting at Conferences and Journal Clubs on topics relevant to Private Practice.
  1.  HealthMan Client Base 2016
  • Association of Dietetics of South Africa (ADSA)
  • Clinical Psychology Forum (CPF)
  • ENT Society and Management Group (ENTMG & Society)
  • Faculty of Consulting Physicians of SA (FCPSA)
  • General Practitioner Management Group Ltd (GPMG)
  • Gynaecology Management Group Ltd  (GMG) & (SASOG)
  • Iso Leso Optics Ltd (Network of Optometrists)
  • Namibian Private Practice Forum (NPPF)
  • Neurology Association of South Africa (NASA)
  • Ophthalmology Management Group Ltd (OMG) & (OSSA)
  • Paediatrician Management Group Ltd (PMG)
  • Psychiatry Management Group Ltd (PsychMG)
  • Radiography Management Group (RADMG)
  • Society for Endocrinology, Metabolism & Diabetes of SA (SEMDSA)
  • Society of Neurosurgeons of South Africa (SNSA)
  • South African Audiology Association (SAAA)
  • South African Private Practitioners Forum (SAPPF)
  • South African Rheumatism & Arthritis Association (SARAA)
  • South African Society of Physiotherapy (SASP)
  • South African Society of Psychiatrists (SASOP)
  • Surgicom Ltd
  1. Strategic Partners

HealthMan’s strategic partners provide additional value add services to the HealthMan client base. These include amongst others: E2 Solutions, Healthbridge, Healthfocus and PSG Financial Services (Northcliff). Their information can be found on their respective websites, or by enquiry from the HealthMan office.

We also utilise the services of Coalesce, Econex, Elsabe Klinck Consulting and Insight Actuarial Consulting on a regular basis to add further value on projects to our clients.

For more information visit the HealthMan website on www.healthman.co.za