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About GPMG

General information

Internal Communication

  • Communication channels via fax & e-mail from the board to members will continue within the group on a regular basis.
  • All members will be invited to play an energetic and active role in decision making, as well as initiating new concepts.
  • This will be done via e-mail /fax channels without the need of regular and time consuming meetings.
  • Electronic questionnaires will be mailed to members, requiring a simple “Yes” / “No” vote on each briefly stated issue.
  • New issues can be raised by members via e-mail. These will be placed on our website or passed along via our regular communication channels for consideration and, if required, a vote.

Script and Claims data

  • The income from scripting data and the intellectual value therein should vest with GPMG and not with a third party. (Unlike some of the competitive networks)

Contracts with Medical Aids

  • Contracts will be structured and reviewed by HealthMan who has two senior attorneys and two experienced Chartered accountants in their team.
  • They have managed capitation, global fee and fee for service contracts successfully since 1998.
  • All contacts are however subject to GPMG Board Approval and by individual member acceptance in order to comply with Competition Commission approval. Contracts are entered into in the name of the respective management Group with an independent party responsible for contract and tariff negotiation.

Peer review

  • Peer review remains the responsibility of the profession.
  • Peer review will remain within GPMG and the procedures thereof will be recorded in the company documents.

Legal and Socio Political Issues

  • Legal matters are handled by the HealthMan team who has two senior attorneys on board.
  • Where required, matters are referred to outside attorneys. Currently the services of two major firms are used, Webber Wentzel Bowen and Jan S de Villiers.
  • Other matters are dealt with between various networks as well as by interaction with SAMA and HPCSA.

Competition Commission

  • HealthMan interacts with the Commission and with Council for Medical Schemes on a regular basis in order to ensure that their members act within the ambit of South African law.