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About GPMG

The GPMG’s Business Model

The GPMG business model:
  • GPMG employs the services of HealthMan (Pty) Ltd on a contractual basis to advise on and manage all routine operational tasks, as well as provide us with additional services. (HealthMan is currently rendering similar services to many of your colleagues, i.e. the gynaecologists, ophthalmologists, surgeons, paediatricians, psychiatrists, etc.)
  • The Board of Directors comprise of practising GP’s that have been nominated and duly elected
  • The Board out-sources all operational issues at a predetermined cost; these costs are fixed for twelve months, and will be renegotiated on an annual basis.
Script and Claims data:
  • At this point income from scripting data is not the primary focus of GPMG, however any future income from scripting data and the intellectual value that vests therein will vest with GPMG and not with a third party.
Internal Communication:
  • Communication channels via email and fax will take place on a limited basis per month.
  • Members will receive the HealthView updating them on industry news and the Private Practice Review updating them on news pertaining to their practice, i.e. codes, legislation, tariffs, etc.
Contracts with Medical Aids:
  • GPMG endeavors to interact with the IPA Foundation, GP IPA Forums, administrators and schemes to ensure access to preferred provider agreements.
  • All contracts are, however, subject to GPMG Board Approval and by individual member acceptance in order to comply with Competition Commission approval.
  • Peer review will remain within GPMG and the procedures thereof will be recorded in the company documents.

HealthMan interacts with the Council for Medical Schemes, Competition Commission and Department of Health on a regular basis in order to ensure that members act within the ambit of South African law. Research and comments on Regulatory Reforms (e.g. NHI, Competition Commission, Regulation 8, Medical Schemes Act) are provided to members on a regular basis.