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About GPMG

Why consider GPMG as a Management Solution?

More about GPMG:

GPMG or “GP Management Group” is a new independent company with no external ownership.

ALL the below benefits/services are included in the monthly R450.00 subscription:

  • Free script pads & sick notes, customised according to personal choice
  • HealthMan has an agreement with ABSA bank thus entitling you to a better rate on credit card transactions. The Merchant rate is 2.4 % (VAT Excl)
  • Via a deal between HealthMan and HealthFocus you will receive a discounted price on their practice management software
  • MediGro will assist with short term insurance portfolios
  • Prosper will review and advise on employee benefits and investment structures
  • PPS reviews and analysis
  • Online access to obtain CPD points, as well as online access to view your CPD points
  • Helpdesk to assist with medical schemes queries
  • Free online SMS service for patient communications
  • Online access to various medical journals
  • An online Human Resources library with access to standardised employment contracts, procedures for dismissal, legal directives, labour regulations, etc.
  • Assistance with all WCA claims via internal HealthMan channels. There is an additional fee for services based on approximately 18% of the total claim
  • HealthMan has an agreement with Glenrand M.I.B. Medical Malpractice Practitioners Scheme thus entitling you to a better rate on premiums.

The GPMG business model:

  • GPMG employs the services of two existing organisations (HealthMan (Pty) Ltd and E2 Solutions (Pty) Ltd) on a contractual basis to advise on and manage all routine operational tasks, as well as provide us with additional services. (Both companies are currently rendering similar services to many of our colleagues, i.e. the gynaecologists, ophthalmologists, surgeons, paediatricians, psychiatrists, etc.)
  • Each participating doctor will purchase one share in GPMG at the nominal cost of R450.00 and thereafter the monthly subscription will be R450.00
  • The Board of Directors will comprise of practising GP’s that have been nominated and duly elected
  • The Board will out-source all operational issues at a predetermined cost; these costs are fixed for twelve months, and will be renegotiated on an annual basis.
  • The advantage of this model is that GPMG does not have to invest money or resources in staff, premises and equipment, and therefore behaves as a ‘virtual’ organisation.

All costs are split amongst the 15 000 providers currently within the system thus costs are kept to a minimum

Script and Claims data:

  • At this point income from scripting data is not the primary focus of GPMG, however any future income from scripting data and the intellectual value that vests therein will vest with GPMG and not with a third party.

Internal Communication:

  • Communication channels via email and fax will take place on a limited basis per month.
  • Members will receive one HealthView updating them on industry news and one Private Practice Review updating them on news pertaining to their practice ie codes, legislation, etc.

Contracts with Medical Aids:

  • Currently we have access to the Yarona and Solutio contracts plus an agreement with Bestmed for an enhanced reimbursement fee.
  • All contacts are, however, subject to GPMG Board Approval and by individual member acceptance in order to comply with Competition Commission approval.
  • Peer review will remain within GPMG and the procedures thereof will be recorded in the company documents.


Our website is complete and fully operational. Please visit us at www.gpmg.co.za for additional information, services and offers. HealthMan interacts with the Commission and with Council for Medical Schemes on a regular basis in order to ensure that their members act within the ambit of South African law.